Werewolf Nights Vienna

What to take with you

bring your blankets and cushions, make yourselves comfortable (something to eat & drink).

What is it?

"Werewolf," also known as "Mafia," is a party game. It's played in a large group of 10-24ppl and there is one moderator.
The rules may sound complicated, but in fact it's pretty easy to play. There are two phases: a night phase and a day phase. Everybody gets a role: "Werewolf" or "Citizen" - Nearly every night/day someone drops out of the game, either by being "killed" by the werewolves or by the citizens (see rules for details). The goal of the citizen: kill all werewolves. The goal of the werewolf: kill all the citizens.

Tne game lasts about 30 minutes and we play several of them.

An awesome way to play it, is to sit in a round with candle in front of everyone


There are several ways to stay conntected with the players:


If you want to organize your own game, feel free to do so. If you want, simply drop me message and will figure it out (appointment, cards, rules etc.)

Here are a few things you need to organize a Werewolf night:

Werewolf cards

We usally play with the "official" cards: "Werewölfe von Düsterwald" or in English: "The Werewolves of Miller Hollow". If you play with different cards, which is okay of course, please make sure that they are easy to understand, as sometimes people are not sure which role they are playing and this messes up a whole game.


In winter time:
Try to find a location where 10-20 people can sit in a round. All of them should be able to see each other. The place should be really quite. This is necessary, otherwise the citizen don't have a chance to hear, who is making a noise during the night time
In summer time:
It's always nice to play outside, this can be in a park, danube island or in a garden. Make sure that your players take blankets with them and something to wear when it get's chilly.


This is critical! You need to have at least 10 people excluding the moderator and max 20 people. WARNING: Usually MORE people show up, than signing up - that's a couchsurfing effect!!!

Try to find "gamers", not "chatters". If not, you'll end up having a group that wants to play and another one that doesn't, which is tricky because it can disturb the game play a lot.


This is critical as well. You have to find a good moderator, otherwise the game really sucks. He/She shouldn't do any mistakes like unintendly tell details of werewolves, seer etc..

The moderator should always change his/her position during the night phase and always talk in different directions, so that the ppl can't tell, to whom he is speaking

Date & Time

Set the meeting at 7pm. You should be able to start the first game at 7:30pm, because many ppl show up too late. They have to wait for the next game, they can't join a running game. We usually play on week days, because most of the people are on parties anways on weekends etc., but of course if you manage to get enough people on a weekend, why not?

Meeting & Messages

We play once a month. That's so far the best period for playing it. We tried to do it twice a month, but only a few ppl showed up. Make sure that you post your message to the "Werewolf Nights Vienna" AND the "Vienna - Wien - Vienne - Bec - Vieden" group and set up a meeting on the Event section.

I highly recommend NOT to post the address, propably only the district or the next subway station. Send out the details only via private message.

People should bring their own drinks & food, so write that in the message as well. In the meeting message include that this game is for "gamers only", otherwise you'll end up having people they want to chat/drink/get wasted, which disturbs the game a lot.

Post the message max four days in advance, to keep the head count bellow 20.


Note: The game is copyrighted, so I can't publish the rules online. If you don't know the rules yet. Do not worry, the moderator will explain the rules to you.

You can find more information on Wikipedia in German, French or Spanish. Unfortunately there is no English version available

Explanation in German

Video on Youtube

Explanation in French

Video on Youtube